When Is the Best Time to Use a Sauna?

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Best Time to Use a Sauna

It is not uncommon to hear various questions about the sauna even after you have spent time in it several times. With the increasing health benefits in addition to the relaxation it offers, the most common question that one asks is the best time to use a sauna. ‘When is the best time to use a sauna?’ is a vague question as it can represent a time of the year, time of the day, and so on. Timing is the key to gain the various benefits of this therapy.

One cannot define the best time of the year to spend time in sauna as different areas have different weather conditions at different times of the year. The same cannot be said to the most ideal time in a day to use a sauna as it was found that starting the morning with a sauna bath improves the overall performance throughout the day.

The ideal time

If a sauna is a part of your workout, the ideal time to use it to take advantage of all the benefits it offers is just before a workout. Many physical therapists recommend using it after a hard workout, and it continues to be a debatable topic. As once you finish working out, it is vital to give time for your body to recover. Your heartrate must come back to normal failing which, you may face several health problems. If you sit in a sauna for more than five minutes after a workout, you fail to give time to your body to recover as the sauna will keep your heart rate up.

When you use a sauna after a workout, your body will be in a state of passive exercise and delay the recovery process. But if you use it before the workout, it acts like a warmup, and you will find relief from immediate muscle distress. Many Sauna & Spa Jomtien recommend the use of sauna to improve endurance before a cardio workout, but suggest that you talk to your trainer before getting into a sauna.

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