Tips for Sauna and Steam in Jomtien

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Tips for Sauna and Steam in Jomtien

Beginner Tips for Sauna and Steam Room

You may have heard of the various benefits of sauna and be tempted to step into one. As a beginner, it is ideal to know the right way to use a sauna and a steam room so that you reap their benefits ideally.

Beginner tips for sauna and steam room include the following.

Talk to a physician: Before you step into a sauna or steam room, talk to your healthcare provider to understand any possible health problems you may face, if you already have an existing health condition.

Hydrate yourself: It is ideal to drink plenty of water before you walk into any of these rooms to avoid dehydration. Almost every Sauna & Spa Jomtien suggest that you carry a bottle inside and take a sip when you feel thirsty or dry. Hydrating helps you avoid feeling nauseous.

Take a shower: If you plan on going to any of the two rooms after a workout, make sure to take a light shower and wash out all the sweat and grime that is built up when you work out. In addition to being hygienic, your skin will have a clean surface while it absorbs the steam or heat, and you detox more efficiently.

Stay only if you can

You will not be recommended to sit in a sauna or the steam room for a set period. It is your choice. Ideally, it is good to stay there only as long as you can. If you can’t handle the humidity and the heat, leave the room, let your body cool, and you can go back again only if you do not feel uneasy.

Let your body cool down: After you have visited either of the rooms, you must give time for your body to cool down. You can take a cold shower or dip yourself in cold water to boost your blood circulation by losing less body heat.

You can use the sauna and the steam room for many different purposes. But it is important to remember that you must abide by the rules and regulations set by the Spa.

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