Sauna that can benefit you in Jomtien

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What Are the Different Types of Sauna That Can Benefit You?

Sauna gives you the best experience, especially when you are extremely stressed. There are so many different variations that are offered in the market now that it becomes difficult to choose from. Some of the types of sauna that you can benefit from include the following.

Wood Burning Sauna in Jomtien

Saunas have been around longer than electricity. In the absence of electricity, wood was burned as a heat source, which heated-up the room. In the sauna, water was added to the heated wood to control its temperature and offer the effect. This method continues to be followed even now.
There are two main types of wood-burning sauna, the traditional wood-burning sauna, and the contemporary wood-burning sauna. Both methods function the same way and offer immense benefits.

Traditional Finnish Sauna in Pattaya or Jomtien

Unlike wood-burning sauna, the traditional Finnish Sauna makes use of heated rocks. The sauna is typically wood-lined and is popularly known as the traditional sauna. The sauna makes use of a bucket of water, a ladle, and heated rocks. Humidity within the sauna can be controlled by 20% to 40% by adding water to the heated rocks. You must remember that the higher the temperature, the lower the humidity in the sauna.

Dry Sauna in Jomtien

There is one major similarity between dry sauna and the traditional Finnish sauna. Both make use of heated rock. But dry sauna does not make use of water to control the temperature. So typically, the humidity in the sauna is lower. The dry sauna is usually found in gyms, but in most dry saunas, an electric heater is used instead of rocks.

Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna is one of the latest additions to the sauna. It makes use of powerful infrared lights to heat-up the body, which gives the same effect as the one that you usually get in a traditional steam sauna. The infrared sauna does not produce the heat that is produced in the traditional method, but the effect is the same as the heat targets the body.

If you have never experienced a sauna, it is time you get one! Visit Sauna & Spa Jomtien to relax your mind and body!

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