Conveniently located in Jomtien between Jomtien Beach and “Dark side” on Sukhumvit next to Makro, look for the big Train on the street.

4 stars concept resort, but also a sauna & spa in Jomtien that will let you relax from top to toe from 10 am every day with great food or relax to ice cream or coffee at our coffee shop.

Jomtien Minigolf Sauna & Spa

Jomtien Minigolf Sauna & Spa offer not alone a gym and massage but we also have a nice garden with coffee shops and restaurants.

After 4 pm our beer garden will open with ice-cold draft beers and Thai and Europe food cook by our 4-star cook.

Our Sauna is made of wood and the temperature in them can reach as high as 100 ° C. So high temperatures require control of the humidity so as not to be directly harmful to the user.

By throwing water on the heated sauna stone, steam is created which allows you to endure the very high temperatures.

The difference between a traditional sauna and a steam bath is the combination of air temperature and humidity.

In a steam room where the humidity can be up to 100%, the

temperature must not exceed 40 ° C, as otherwise there is a risk of scalding.

Sauna Vs. Steam Room

Which One Is Healthier? The steam room and the sauna are both hot and relaxing, but they provide different health benefits.

Benefits Sauna in Jomtien

Saunas have so many benefits to keep in top shape. For one, sweating alone opens your pores and helps cleanse the skin.

Saunas are also known to help muscle stimulation, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve cardiovascular health.

is Spa good for me?

Much like the sauna, a steam room opens pores and cleanses the skin but it also has its own handful of benefits. Because steam rooms produce great heat, your skin rids toxins easier and leaves you with a soft, and smooth feeling.

Steam rooms are also great for clearing any sinus irritations as well as head and chest congestion.

Go to our Sauna in the morning!

A study from Japan suggests that if you choose to spend time in the sauna or spa in the morning it makes a big difference during the whole day.

The studies give more light over the positive effect it has to start in the morning.

Ten people took the test over 3 days. Their pulse, body temperature, brain activity, and cognitive skills were measured and compared.

It was clear that those who took a sauna or steam bath in the morning stayed more relaxed, more efficient, and performed better on cognitive tests during the whole day that followed.